Na een lang seizoen....



het waserg nat, maar ondanks oude regenbanden was de snelheid er wel. We moesten nog wel verder sleutelen aan de balans

Zondag... blijft het droog of toch weer regen. 2 trainingen om tot een definitieve setup te komen, en ja het was toch weer nat. Hoewel we wel wat tijd te kort kwamen met de kop (nog steeds die oude banden) kwamen we steeds dichter bij een goede setup en had ik veel vertrouwen.


afgesproken om weer samen met mijn racemaatje de kwalificatie in te gaan. Ging goed, voelde dat de laatste wijzigingen goed uitpakten, en gekwalificeerd als P8. Het zat erg dicht bij elkaar.


Ik had een heel goede start, kon gelijk de binnen lijn pakken om goed bocht 1 aan te sturen. Binnen 4 bochten lag ik op P2 direct achter mijn grootste concurrent voor de titel. Ik voelde meteen dat ik meer snelheid als hem had, maar speelde het strategisch en bleef achter hem rijden. De nummers 3 en 4 konden in de laatste 2 rondes bijna aansluiten en mijn concurrent verloor de aansluiting. Ik bleef een paar kartlengtes voor, maar dacht dat ze dichter bij waren en ging onnodig verdedigend rijden. Daardoor verloor ik de koppositie. Maar dat was niet erg, want zolang mijn concurrent niet voor mij reed, zou ik kampioen worden. En het was goed genoeg... P2 in de race en de 2023 Honda 9PK senior Kampioen in de GK4 series

Chin up and move on, stronger than before

Sunday, October 8 Sprintweekend


The Qualifying went well. I worked really well with Xavier Zandbergen so I was P3 and he was P4.

Race 1

Good start, I worked with a group of 4 people and made a great move on the last lap that put me first and won me the race.

Race 2

I started very well, but we had a bit too high tire pressure, which meant I lost a lot of grip at the end of the race, but we still managed to get a good P3.

Race 3

I started second because I was P1 in the first race and P3 in the second race.We changed the tire pressure so my tires had more grip throughout the race. I worked well with the number 1 and I made another great move in the last lap, which meant I won my first GK4-racešŸ„³

Sometimes life sucks but #alwayskeeppushing

Sunday, 1 October

When qualifying came I had formed a group with a few fast riders. We were the first to hit the track and everyone followed us. 

Everyone wanted to benefit as much as possible from the slipstream, so everyone slowed down because they did not want to be at the front. In the end, I qualified 14th.


I had a bad start and fell immediately back to p18, but I quickly started overtaking the rest of field and I drove to the the leading group.  I made it to the top three and we had a small gap to the rest of the field. In the last lap I made a very nice dive that took me to 1st place and the victory.

Final result:

I crossed the finish line first, but I received a 5 second time penalty because, according to the marshall, I should have hit someone on the rear bumper. I then submitted a protest to them, but it was rejected. Even with a declaration from the so-called victim that there was no contact. So life is unfair sometimes, but we come back stronger

Qualifying went very well sat in a group and qualified third.

Sunday 30th of July, Genk

I had a good start into the race and after sector 1 I was second with a small gap to P3. Me and P1 switched places a few times, wich was perhaps not that smart, battling for position. In the end I was first and there was a gap between me and the rest, but when the front group started working together they were able to connect. Later in the race me and Rosanne were able to build up a big gap, up to 13 seconds, with the rest of the field.

The last two laps we fought for P1. In the last lap I made a stupid mistake and lost P1.

But a good second place, but not what we wanted.

Thanks to the team for all the help, especially Rob Knecht worked very hard on Saturday to fine-tune the kart for raceday.

It could, it should, but in the end it didn't...

Sunday 9th of July, Kerpen (Germany)

I had a good qualifying so I started P4.

The first race went well in the beginning, but I had a crash that took me out. For the second race I started P20 and I was able to make a good comeback to P9. With the fastest racelap of the day, I knew that there would be chances ahead.

In the final I started P16 because the first race and the second race are added together. I made a good start but there was a big crash that caused a slow (a slow is a kind of safety car). When the race got underway I was eighth and quickly managed to fight for fourth but then a cloudburst came and a lot of water fell on the track and we were all running dry weather tyres. 

There was again a slow and red flag, the race was then finished under red. In the end I finish P3 and 13 laps have been driven, but the GK4 have measured only 10  laps and with a red flag one lap is removed, so I was fourth in the total result.

I still think it's unfair but still a good result.

Thanks to the team for all the help and support, especially my father for a good setup and coaching.

School's Out...

Sunday 18th of June, Venray

Because of my Final tests at school, I could not practise at Friday what we normally do. Luckily I know the track well, because we did do some clubraces overthere. 

But the first training on Sunday went well and I qualified in 5th. 

I Had a good start at the beginning of the race, moved up to P4 and stayed there for most of the race. 

In the last 15 minutes I was fighting for P2. Finished in P2, good result.On our way to Kerpen.Thanks for all the help and coaching especially Ismo and Rob